thefictionfaery started as an instagram account in 2015, and expanded to include this blog in 2019.

My name is Carina, late 20s, Norway. This is where I share my three passions: photography, books and writing, all wrapped up in a lifestyle-slash-book blog. I work full time as a Visual Manager, but as my Instagram has grown, social media and photography has become a part time job. And I absolutely love it.

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I’m an incurable night owl, and being from a country where winter lasts for nearly half a year, I like it best when it’s cold, quiet and dark. An introvert at heart, I’m an only child and the one thing I depend on the most is my independence.

If you’ve stumbled your way in here through my instagram, then welcome - I hope you’ll stay for a while, and find your way back sometime! If you came from elsewhere then hi - it’s nice to meet you!

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